The Signs As: Mitski Madness

How early is too early in the semester to take a break from Swarthmore? This is a trick question, the answer, of course, being never. After a week of experiencing “Slumdog Millionaire” style flashbacks to last spring every time we were forced

Ode to Swarthmore Women’s Rugby

Unsuspecting Swarthmore students who find themselves on Parrish Beach just after 6:30 p.m. on Fridays can, if they’re lucky, catch a glimpse of a pack of mud-covered people moving across the field towards Sharples and singing. Who might these hooligans be, taking

Swarth Her? I Hardly Know Her

Now that I can confidently say that life at Swarthmore is not going terribly, it’s weird to imagine going back to a life outside of our little college. So two weeks ago, facing down all the homework and visiting and traveling and

Freshman vs. Sharples

When I pulled into the Wharton parking lot two weeks ago for the start of my first year here, sweating and trying to concentrate long enough to tell a mob of helpful Swatties where my room was, my main concern was trying