Why We Should Reject the Chamberlain Project

The Chamberlain Project has partnered with Swarthmore College to provide Retiring Officer Teaching Fellowships to retiring military officers with terminal degrees or PhDs. These retired military officers would work as visiting assistant professors in their field of study. While students and faculty

Considering Abortion Politics

Several members of my family voted for Trump due to their opposition to abortion. As someone who supports abortion rights, I want to address their concerns seriously. Pro-life voters are a major component of the Republican coalition, and ignoring that reality does

Reflecting on the Natalist Discourse

The discourse that occupies the American psyche says that reproducing and building a biological family is ideal. I disagree. Instead, I believe that the reproduction of human beings is unethical. This position is known as antinatalism. Reproduction is an ethical question because

Smartphones Have Turned Us into Cyborgs

According to Pew Research Center, 94 percent of adults ages 18-29 own a smartphone. This puts most of us just seconds away from the internet. On average, according to the University of Southern California Annenberg, we spend 24 hours online every week.

A Case for Open Borders

Following Congress’ failure to fund a continuous wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump declared a state of national emergency for what he claims is an immigration crisis. This follows the 35-day government shutdown in December and January over the same border

Why the US Needs a More Progressive Tax Code

Class inequality is out of control in the U.S. Lax tax policies are responsible for maintaining this inequality and putting the tax burden on ordinary Americans. By increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans, and using that money to fund policies that benefit

Remaking American Democracy

Is the way that we currently elect representatives just? In this piece, I will argue that it is not, and advance certain solutions. Currently, we live in a representative democracy, where we come together to vote on particular candidates every couple of

Radical Reimagination

Following the brave coordinated action of the Sunrise Movement at Minority Leader Pelosi’s office to push for a Green New Deal on November 13, I have been inspired to write. Those of us currently without the guts to be activists need to