Fire department sets love aflame for Swat alums

On a Thursday night in early September of 1994, Charles Mayer ’98 and Rachel Henighan ’97 met each other for the first time during a meeting at the Swarthmore Fire Department. Little did either of them realize that they had met their

The other Quaker Matchbox sparks a lifelong love

The Quaker Matchbox is a Swarthmore term that pretty much anybody who attended school here is quite familiar with. The whole idea of Swatties marrying Swatties after falling in love at the Quaker Matchbox is not a rare phenomenon. In fact, according

Jeopardy, through the eyes of one of our own

Who is Arthur Chu? For those of you who don’t know, Arthur Chu ’08 is a confident and immensely talented Jeopardy competitor who has become a widely popular and highly controversial character throughout the media. After winning eleven-straight Jeopardy matches and taking

Swat alum flies high

Imagine eight women swinging from ropes, flying from silk to silk, weaving in and out, suspending in midair, then spiraling back down, defying gravity and captivating you with the sheer power of their movement. Together these women support each other, and sometimes