Free will does not matter

Freedom is a big word in our country and all too often the notion is taken for granted. Elsewhere I have written on the need to weigh the implicit negative rights of the historically marginalized against the positive rights of those who

Kyriarchy – everything that we hate

cw: rape culture While this word is frequently at the forefront of my mind, rarely do I ever use this word in conversation with others. In short, the feminist theologian Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza describes it as “a complex pyramidal system of intersecting

The end

The end is nigh. Recently, I have been thinking about the end a lot as we approach the end of the semester, the end of classes, and the end of Obama’s presidency. Time itself seems to be shrinking.    These past eight

To love and be loved

Every fiber of my being wishes that I were not writing this right now. I was planning on publishing a quasi-satirical piece in my column this week about why some people should not vote. Instead, I am now sitting in an Old

On white male privilege and the Donald

Where do I even begin? Following this political cycle has made me disappointed, cry and self-medicate. The presidential campaigns this year have featured an unprecedented level of fear mongering and hyper-partisanship and at this point I only have enough anger to say

Freedom from freedom

Freedom is an often used word in our country, and yet it remains difficult to get a full sense of what it means. Often it is described as a freedom to do something: the right to free speech, the right to bear

Checking boxes

When I landed in Beijing this past summer, everything was the same as I had remembered it: my house still had the same awkward color paint cracking off of its sides, the air was still filled with an unique mix of cigarette

A response to “Privilege Doesn’t Exist”

Around a month ago, an op-ed in the Daily Gazette raised some eyebrows when it claimed that privilege does not exist. It cited privilege as a “social construct”, and argued that compassion “is not a natural phenomenon.” While the mere utterance of