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In America, we disagree about many, many things these days. We disagree about how to address racial justice, about whether climate change exists, about whether or not to wear masks. We even disagree about whether or not a hot dog is a


In the Spirit of Transparency

As COVID-19 outbreaks pop up on college campuses across the country and as colleges grapple with the task of enforcing strict social distancing measures, the job of covering those outbreaks and colleges’ punitive measures has oftentimes fallen on student newspapers. Since the

Calling on the College to Prioritize Black, Indigenous Studies

For a college that markets itself as oriented towards social justice and the Quaker value of equality, Swarthmore consistently fails to allocate enough resources for ethnic studies programs, especially for Black and Indigenous studies. Throughout the years, students have pointed out the

Swarthmore Should Have More Substance Free Housing

The college is charged with the responsibility of best accommodating the needs and well-being of 1,559 students. While the use of alcohol and drugs is often associated with college campuses, we, at The Phoenix, believe more attention and resources need to be


On Divestment and the 1991 Ban

On Feb. 6, Georgetown University’s Board of Directors voted to divest from fossil fuel companies in several phases over the next ten years. Georgetown is just one of many colleges and universities to take such a step — Middlebury, Lewis and Clark,

On Housing Accommodations and Student Disability Services

Swarthmore students at large do not need to worry about the housing lottery process until mid April, but the considerable number of students who need housing accommodations are facing a deadline this Friday in order to start the application process. With only

The Phoenix Mission Statement: 2020

As we begin the Spring 2020 semester, The Phoenix editorial board wants to reflect on our purpose and responsibilities as a publication and formally revise our mission statement. Since 1881, The Phoenix has undertaken the task of devoting itself to the best

Looking Back On Fall 2019

As another semester comes to a close, we at The Phoenix are taking time to reflect on this semester’s events and our coverage of them. In this final editorial of Fall 2019, we’re highlighting articles that capture the culture, events, and accomplishments

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