A New War, The Same War

We grew up under two wars, and they’ve left their mark. An American presence in the Middle East has been a fixture of my life to the point that I have just come to assume that it’s what we do. We bomb,

Handling the Tsarnaevs

Sometimes, the systems that we love in theory seem objectionable when actually put to the test, and we let them slip and fall by the wayside. All too often, when it comes to criminal justice, we are over-eager to forget about our

Freedom And the Greek Life Referendum

The prospect of a referendum to ban a set of student groups should is not something that sat easily with me at first. We must always be concerned when the majority seeks to impose its will on a minority, when any freedom

Killing Americans Abroad

Though I am frequently disgusted by the seemingly-constant assertion that the US can exert its will across the globe, without oversight foreign or domestic, I am comforted by the fact that, on the whole, we feel a need to hide this opinion

Voting Rights in the Hands of the Supreme Court

At the moment, there is only one thing that holds any state accountable for its election practices, only one check on the ability of states to disenfranchise large segments of their population and discriminate indiscriminately. In Shelby County v. Holder, the Supreme

Tuesday Night a Victory for Individual Liberty

No matter what the Republican talking heads are saying, Tuesday was an excellent night for liberty. In three states same-sex marriage was recognized, and in two recreational marijuana was legalized. Minnesota defeated a voter ID law, and pro-life extremists Todd Akin and

American Imperialism

I am rarely utterly without hope when it comes to the American government. There has hardly ever been a time when I couldn’t find a sensible position being espoused by a major candidate for office. While no candidate is ever perfect, somewhere

Eliminate Gendered Bathrooms on Campus

If we are serious about the perils of heteronormativity, as it would seem we should be based on how often that word is used, then we should be doing far more than we already are. While I believe Swarthmore does well on