In the wake of the powerful outpouring of pain, anger, and resilience demonstrated by protesters internationally in response to the inexcusable murders of innocent Black people at the hands of police, it is evident that this is a crucial moment. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others demonstrate that there is a lengthy history of systemic racism, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and oppression in this nation. 

We, the Athletes for Diversity and Inclusion Executive Board, stand in solidarity with the protesters along with the greater unified Black Lives Matter movement. We also stand in solidarity and in support of all our Black family and friends who are affected by these racist systems and ideologies every day.  

We would also urge all non-Black individuals to deeply consider how you may be contributing to these harmful systems, and beyond that, what steps you can take to actively combat these systems. Below, we have included some resources that provide guidance for those who are unsure how to help, in addition to the emails sent out with resources from Dean Shá Duncan Smith. The voices we are hearing today are part of the unified chorus we have heard in the past, including conversations we have had both on and off-campus. See links to just a few articles of the many: “Black at Swat: An Athlete’s Perspective” and  “A Community Call to Action.”

Athletes for Diversity and Inclusion remains staunchly committed to our mission of “uplifting diverse community members, and acting as a bridge from Athletics to the campus at large in an effort to establish Swarthmore as a place that is dedicated to supporting and advocating for individuals of all backgrounds.”

Stay safe and stay strong during these important times. 

In Solidarity, 

Swarthmore Athletes for Diversity and Inclusion 2020-2021 Executive Board

Resources for Anti-Racism Education & Practice

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