Quiet Room Energy: Your Sign as a Sharples Seating Area

Author’s note: This list applies to Sharples only during the day. At night when Sharples becomes the Crumb Cafe, the energy shifts into Aquarius and Gemini energy. I’ve left out the middle and right side tables in the main room because the energy shifts depending on the day and the crowd (though generally the right side would be earthier and the middle tables would be fire or water). I’ve also left out the athletes’ tables because as all astrological signs are valid and all men are not valid, it is impossible to pair the two oil and water if you will (the men are the oil).

ARIES: the left tables in the main room behind the athlete tables

Fearless, independent, assertive. What other set of tables are bold enough to sit near the athletes but not get sucked in? Aries is a cardinal sign, which is known for entrepreneurship and an ability to make a mark anywhere. Aries not only rules the first House — the House of the Self —  but is also a fire sign; Aries know how to distinguish itself while staying true to its beliefs, just like these tables.

TAURUS: the circular tables at the front of the main room

Taurus is the sign of security and luxury, so it goes without saying that the round tables in the main room would have the energy of this sign. Circular design so you can see all your friends? Check! Placed against the wall so you can always see who’s coming? Check! This is your table and your table only, unlike the rectangle ones where multiple groups of people can sit. Here in your space, you can take all the time you want to eat without being bugged by your noisy neighbors or the cramped seating during rush hour.

GEMINI: the group meeting room near the cereal bar (room 104)

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Who else would this be but room 104, the room that affinity groups (and others) often reserve for meal get-togethers! A mutable sign, this table has been used by many different groups each night; it is a room used for the purpose of bonding and communicating with others.

CANCER: the four-seaters by the window in the main room

Empathetic, protective Cancer! Known for its strong emotions (thanks to its water placement), the many moods of Sharples affect this sign the most. Frustrated with the indecisive nature of the quiet room, hurt by the judgemental energy of the back room, and overwhelmed by the volatile energy of the main room, Cancer hides from the chaotic energy that flows through Sharples by nestling itself in the back of the main room at the date tables. Here you can relax and easily hear the conversation without straining your ears no matter the crowd in Sharples. Surrounded by friends, what more could you want?

LEO: the two-seaters by the stairs

Leo, ruled by the sun, is known for its bravery and its proudness. The two-seaters by the stairs scream King of the Castle here, keeping an eye out on who walks in and out of their domain. There’s a level of confidence one must have to sit in these seats, being seen by everyone who walks in. Definite Leo energy here.

VIRGO: the rooms upstairs (rooms 208 and 209)

It’s almost cheating putting Virgo, ruler of the House of Work, in rooms 208 and 209. Known as the workaholics of the zodiac, this steady earth sign is all about getting stuff done. Groups reserve these rooms for organizing and planning meetings, encapsulating Virgo energy.

LIBRA: the “quiet” room

I put quiet in quotations because, while people may try to act as if it is, the “quiet” room is anything but. This gloss-over of truth for a more positive spin is typical Libra behavior. Libras, symbolized typically by scales, are known for trying to keep things in balance — finding a grey area between the black and the white. The casual diner, stuck between the chaotic main room and the serious back room, finds a comfortable middle path here in this air sign’s domain.

SCORPIO: the tables on the side leading into the back room

Ruler of the eighth house, Scorpio deals with concepts such as secrets and the bonds between others. It’s only natural that this energy would encompass the tables leading into the back room. Not only are these tables a bridge between the main entrance and the back, their awkward location often leads to them being forgotten, remaining in the shadows. At these forgotten tables, diners can eavesdrop into conversations had by unsuspecting students.

SAGITTARIUS: the round table by the back door

Sagittarius. The Archer. The Traveler. A mutable sign always on the go, it makes sense that this table is the circular one right next to the back door, positioned so that the people sitting here are ready to escape at a moment’s notice. The wind blowing from outside and the chaotic energy from within Sharples meet in the middle here, creating a tornado of energy, just like the fire within this sign. This table is big like the archer’s presence, and whatever things you discuss here are bound to be in-depth.

CAPRICORN: the tables in the back room

Similar energy to Libra’s quiet room, Capricorn energy rules the main seating area of the back room. At first glance, this room may be viewed as the lesser compared against the main room, an afterthought. But with its quiet intricacies, the second you sit down here you can tell it’s brimming with a controlled, strong energy, just like that of the sign of the goat. It’s the more refined room compared to the immature energies of the main.

AQUARIUS: the booths in the back room

The booths in the back room are versatile. Their location is secluded enough that you can study without distractions (Aquarius is an air sign and associated with thinking), yet its plentiful seating allows you to hang with friends. The dark lighting and booth combo is perfect for the unconventional Aquarius, implying brooding as well as social behavior.

PISCES: the two round tables on opposites sides in the back of the main room

Pisces is known for its dreamlike, otherworldly tendencies, making the two round tables in the back of the main room a perfect location for this sign. Nestled in their own world, these tables are protected from the chaotic, shifting energies of Sharples. Anything can happen here. With their circular design keeping strangers from joining your table and with their placement in the far back of the room, no one will bother you here. Sitting here, you are safe.

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