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Note: This article was amended at 3:36 P.M. on 9/13/18 to thank the staff of the OSE, whom I had forgotten to mention before the article ran to print.

The merger of The Daily Gazette and The Phoenix is complete. From a digital perspective the merger entailed exporting The Phoenix website, archiving a copy of it, and importing it into The Gazette website, a pre-merger copy of which has also been archived. The merged website, like The Gazette website before it, is hosted professionally on Pantheon. After all of the site content was combined, the URLs and the site identity were changed to reflect the publications’ continued, joint existence as The Phoenix.

We would like to thank a few people for their help in making this happen. Thank you to Professor Buurma for convincing me of the logic of this decision, and to Professor Burke for connecting me with Gazette alumna Lauren Stokes ’09, whose historicization of Swarthmore journalism assured me a merger was a sensible choice. Thanks to the chat support folks at for responding to my endless inquiries. Additionally, I am grateful for librarians Celia Caust-Ellenbogen ‘09 and Nabil Kashyap for diligently archiving both publications and for guiding me through the digital archiving process. We would also like to extend gratitude to Dean Shá Duncan Smith for her strong support of campus journalism, as evident by the wonderful journalism symposium she organized for us before the semester commenced. Andrew Barclay and the staff of the OSE have been incredibly helpful and accommodating and I am especially grateful for them.

A special shout out goes to Navdeep Maini ’19, our webmaster, whose thorough competence made the technical aspects of this merger bearable. Last and most important, I want to thank Leslie Leach in Information and Technology Services and Jonah Langlieb ’20 for their unyielding patience and willingness to help.

Keton Kakkar, Managing Editor

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