Garnet Swimming: The Road to the Championship

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With the start of spring sports just around the corner, winter sports like swimming are really beginning to pick up their intensity in this second half of their season. With only three meets left before the Centennial Conference Championship meet, both the men’s and women’s swim teams are looking towards another great ending to their season. The men hope to take home another Conference Championship, and the women are looking for their first Championship since 2002. Both teams have a good chance at winning this year due to their dedication and hard work.

The men’s team is so far undefeated in Conference play with a 4-0 record and are more determined than ever to maintain their championship status from last year. In order to keep that trophy here at Swat, they must continue to work hard and swim each meet to the best of their abilities. Chris Smith ’19 shared his thoughts on the mentality with which the men’s swim team went into this season and how they stayed motivated after winning last year.

“It definitely was difficult to be as motivated as a team once we were no longer the underdogs, but the captains and upperclassmen really got us back on track and we are more motivated than ever to keep the trophy,” Smith said.

Winning the championship last year, even from an underdog position, has put a target on the swim team’s back. Obviously this target has not altered their winning mentality or their team’s motivation. From the beginning of the season, the Garnet’s mindset has been to keep that trophy for another year. Alec Menzer ’21 elaborated on the team’s present mindset now that their season is coming to an end.

“The mentality has been the same all year. We’ve been aiming for a championship since day one. The intensity at practice has been the same, but as we get closer everyone’s definitely getting more excited,” he said.

The men’s swim team has been able to maintain the same amount of motivation and passion throughout their long and grueling winter season. Hopefully this, combined with the hard work they continue to put into their practices and meets, will be enough to win another championship this year.       

The women’s swim team also has a good chance this year in Conferences. With a 4-1 record, they have started off the year very strong. With only two more Conference meets and an invitational left before the Championships, the women’s team hopes to build on their strong start as the season comes to an end. Maggie Eberts ’18 gave some insight into the team’s current approach.

We’re all really excited for the senior meet versus Gettysburg and our last dual meet against Dickinson,” Eberts said. “With conferences approaching, we are working on fine-tuning the small details of our races. Compared to previous years, I think everyone is feeling overall more motivated and confident in the team’s abilities.”

The women’s swim team feeling driven and assured, not only in themselves but in their teammates’ abilities, will be a major factor in their success in these last few meets of their season and beyond. Hannah Kloetzer ’21 believes the goals of both individuals and the team as a whole are important going into the end of the season.

“Now that we are back from Puerto Rico and the second semester has started, I think that we are most definitely cognizant of both our individual and team goals just because we know that the season is coming to an end soon,” Kloetzer said. “That being said, I think that we still have been bringing the same positive attitude to our training that we have all season!”


A positive attitude and hard work seems to be the key to success for both the men and women’s swim team. After coming back from their training trip in Puerto Rico over winter break, personal and team goals have become major drivers in the last few weeks of the season. Women’s swim seems to be on path to a Championship year as they continue to train diligently and bring a constructive attitude to each practice. Both teams have their next meet at Ware Pool this Saturday, at 1 p.m. versus Gettysburg.

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