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Voting opened yesterday for students to select their desired performer for Swarthmore’s Large Scale Event on May 3rd. The options posted online consist of Joey Bada$$, The White Panda, and Breathe Carolina.

All three artists have confirmed their availability to perform at the LSE, but the final decision will be based on a community vote.

Joey Bada$$ is the stage name of Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He co-founded the sixteen-person rap collective Pro Era with the late Capital STEEZ and has released three mixtapes, 1999, Rejex, and Summer Knights. He is now working on his debut studio album B4.Da.$$.

The White Panda is an electronic music duo known for their mash-ups of popular hits. Composed of Tom Evans and Dan Griffith, the group will release their fifth full-length album this June. The duo has toured with Mike Posner and Ghostland Observatory and has performed with Benny Benassi, MGMT and Gym Class Heroes, among others.

Breathe California is an electronic rock band from Denver, Colorado. The group has released three albums and two EPs and is about to release their fourth studio album, Savages.

Some students expressed disappointment over the choices. “I heard Chance The Rapper was coming,” said Cosmo Alto ’16. “He has unique style and collaborates with tasteful musicians (i.e. James Blake). He should definitely come to Swat.” When asked about the existing options, Alto responded, “I guess Joey Bada$$, but no one really sparks my interest.”

Others were more enthusiastic. When asked about the LSE options, Dane Fichter ’14 responded that “I literally eat, sleep and breathe Breathe Carolina.”

Many students seemed torn between Joey Bada$$ and The White Panda. “I really liked their Seven Nation Army remix,” said Cyrus Newlin ’16 of The White Panda, “so I think it’ll be cool.”

Imoleayo Abel ’14, when asked about the choices, said that “to be honest, I had actually never heard of The White Panda before the polls and I had to Google them. Most of the videos I found of The White Panda were mashups or covers. Joey is not necessarily better, but I’d rather have him perform — Joey is an artist of his own, more reputable, if you ask me. This is music; no noise, no naked women, no money, no bottles, no blings, no lights. Just pure poetry and lyricism!”

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