Peppy, spontaneous, clean-cut: Alex Jimenez ’15

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I wanted to take the opportunity to try something a little different this week, and get out of my comfort zone. Typically, I tend to focus on women’s fashion, but there are quite a few fashionable men around campus, and it is time that they get recognized! This week, I spotted Alex Jimenez, a sophomore from California, rocking a particularly striking look on his way to class. I am always taken aback when I see a Swattie who is dressed up for class, so I had to get the scoop on his fashion inspiration.

Elle: How would you describe your style in 3 words?
AJ: Preppy, spontaneous, clean-cut.

EL: Do you have a favorite trend at the moment?
AJ: The shawl collar sweater is really trendy right now, and I think it is perfect for the fall.

EL: What is one fashion faux pas that you hate?
AJ: White socks. Unless I’m lounging around my house or running cross country, I’ve always had an aversion to white socks. I find them tacky. And neon colors.

EL: What are your fall staple items?
AJ: Humph. The aforementioned shawl collar sweater is widespread in my fall wardrobe, with slight variations depending on the ensemble. However, I usually have a few staple colors during the fall: wines, oranges, and Fair Isle print.

EL: What style advice would you give to other guys at Swarthmore?
AJ: Try. I think Swarthmore values the “I have so much work and no time for anything else” look, and I’ve definitely seen guys sport the occasional trendy sweater. Tapered jeans and the occasional collared shirt or polo is all it takes.

What caught my eye about Jimenez’s look was his bold pairing of a lavender shirt and maroon chinos. It is not a color combination that I see often, but it was refreshing and eye-catching. It reminded me of a take on the color-blocking trend. I also love this fashionisto’s addition of the blazer. The structure of the piece lends itself well to an academic setting, and there is something to be said for a student who dresses up for class. A blazer makes a great impression, and demonstrates that he takes his academic pursuits seriously. However, the lavender plaid print of the blazer keeps it from feeling stuffy, and balances the look out with cool vibes. Although they are available at many major department stores, the best blazers I have seen are in your local thrift shop. They are often funkier and have more character.  I have also seen great blazers for men at J. Crew for a bit more money, but they are well-made and wear well.

Jimenez carries the “academic look” through with the addition of the thick-rimmed glasses. Not only do the glasses add to the studious look, but they are so on-trend right now. This demonstrates Jimenez’s ability to keep his look current while still staying true to his personal style. Jimenez rounds out his class-y look with a pair of neutral oxfords. They are simple yet sophisticated, and pull this outfit together flawlessly.

One Simple Change: To take this look from the classroom to a night on the town, simply swap out the blazer and glasses, which give off an academic vibe, for something more playful, like a fedora. One of the favorite fedoras I have seen is by Tommy Bahama and can be found at Nordstom.

My final bit of fashion advice to Swatties this week echoes the sentiments of my friend, Jimenez. It is so easy to get sucked into the cycle of “eat, class, sleep, repeat” here at Swarthmore, and we tend to neglect ourselves, especially on the fashion front. However, I swear by the mantra of “look good, feel good.” Take a little extra time this week to put on something special, and let it set the tone for your day.

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