You Can’t Stop the Violence

With all the talk lately about gun control, I’m here to tell you that you can’t stop the violence.  People are going to be able to get guns and they are going to use them to inflict violence upon others.  To all of the people that protest violence in this world and believe in peace and love, here is a little reality for you. Violence is a big money business. We have street gangs, outlaw motorcycle clubs, and don’t forget the Mafia. These organizations thrive on the use of violence. It is truly something that is out of our hands.

I would like to share two experiences I had with some of the gangs in this article. In 2000, I was in Regensburg, Germany during my time in the Army. My buddy and I were walking around the city and about 20 Skinheads started coming at us. They got in our faces and were about to jump us, but we decided to take off running and hopped a train. One on one or even two on one, I would have stood my ground. Twenty against two was impossible and I was not sticking around for that beat down. So we lived to tell the tale. The other incident was in 2006, with the Latin Kings.  I was in Atlantic City walking on the boardwalk, and a group of Latin Kings got up in my face. They said that one of my tattoos was a Latin Kings gang symbol.  I explained what the tattoo was all about and that it had nothing to do with their gang. It was a very shady situation. I think the only reason I got out of it without a beat down was because they saw my Sniper tab tattoo. I always say everyone is tough when there are many against one.

Since the beginning of time, there has been violence all around the world. There are countries that have been at war for years – it will never end.

There are eight year old kids, both in our country and abroad, carrying machine guns and killing for their “cause.” During World War II in the concentration camps, some of the worst violence perpetrated upon human beings occurred. When I was in Germany, I got the chance to visit one of these camps. I have to tell you that to visit the concentration camp at Dachau was one of the creepiest experiences in my life. I could feel the violence that went on there.

After being in the Army for ten years as a Sniper in the infantry, I have shot every weapon known to mankind. I also know the damage these weapons can do. I do not personally own any guns and I never will.  My personal belief is that only the military and police officers should carry guns, but that will never happen because guns are just so easy to get.  That, my friends, is one of the reasons you cannot stop the violence. You hear all the time about innocent bystanders getting caught in crossfire from gun battles in the streets.  Every day, innocent people and little kids are getting killed as they are going about their business. I like comedian Chris Rock’s philosophy, “Gun control? We need bullet control. I think every bullet should cost five thousand dollars. If a bullet cost five thousand dollars, we wouldn’t have any innocent bystanders.”

You can have hope and pray that the violence will stop, but it never will.  Violence is a big business and a big money maker. It seems like the younger generation today has something to prove. I don’t think they are being taught values and responsibilities. When I was in the Army, we were taught how to fight and kill and that was our job. Our motto as Snipers in the Army was, “No need to run, you will only die tired.” In order to defend this great country and the people living in it, we had to use violence as a tool.  The people that stand for peace and love, that ideal will never come to pass.  There are too many crazy people who have a lot of hate in them. I am going to end this article with a fact. If someone has a gun pointed at your head, you have two choices: die or kill that motherfucker.

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