Marrakesh: South Street Moroccan

Angela Oh and Gaby Campoverde are second year Swatties determined to visit and critique as many college-friendly restaurants as possible. Angela will be focusing specifically on the restaurant space and ambience. Gaby will be focusing on the food. 

Marrakesh is a chain of Moroccan restaurants scattered around the US. Last semester, we had a chance to stop by Marrakesh on South Street completely on a whim, and boy were we glad we did. The College’s Philly Shuttle drops you off right by South Street, and then it is a mere five minute walk to the restaurant. From the outside, the space is easily overlooked, so look carefully. For $25 dollars per person, we enjoyed seven courses of delicious finger food; no utensils are provided unless you specifically ask for them. Don’t worry, it’s sanitary. Before the eating begins, your waitress will pamper your hands with a rose water wash.

Let us begin by talking about the food. We each gained five wonderful pounds of happiness. We do not want to spill the bean on the whole experience, so we will give you a preview of what to expect.

Our favorite course was a phyllo dough dish with chicken, eggs and powdered sugar. We did not know what to expect. It was magical — a perfect combination for sweet and soft scrumptiousness. Another great dish involved lamb, honey and almonds. Again, it was unbelievable. The lamb was perfectly tender, and the honey added a pleasant twist. At the end, we got a bowl of beautifully ripe fruit that you could never find at Sharples. We knew we were full, but we could not resist the grapes, the oranges nor the strawberries. The portions seemed to be the same for two or up to five people. So, we technically ate for five.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be visited by an exotic belly dancer that will demand your full attention. This is just one aspect that provides for the unique Marrakesh ambience and individual experience. The décor, for example, transports you to a different place. The lighting is just dim enough to give everything a softer edge while exposing the enclaves surrounded by ornate pillows and baskets. Although we just went in a group of two, Marrakesh is very suitable for larger groups as well. The only downside was the tight space. The restroom itself is very small, just enough space for the necessities. Getting there is also a little difficult as you have to carefully maneuver around closely placed groups of people and servers.

We definitely recommend this restaurant to be a priority if anyone is out visiting Philly’s South Street. Not only is the transportation extremely accessible and food absolutely satisfying, the unique experience Marrakesh offers is well worth exploring.

After leaving this hidden treasure with food babies, instagram worthy photos of food, and smiles across our faces, there is no doubt we want to plan a trip back.

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