CollegeFest ’22: A Weekend in Philly

Each year, Campus Philly, a non-profit organization, puts on a free event for all college students in the surrounding Philadelphia area called CollegeFest.  This annual event is a way for college students to familiarize themselves with the booming city life and historical

Top 10 Off-Campus Day Trips

As the school year dies down and summer approaches, it’s a good time to procrastinate completely on all your looming responsibilities and instead enjoy a nice trip off campus. “But where?” you ask. “Is there anything in Pennsylvania beyond Quakers and trees?”


Worthstock 2022 Begins Planning Phase

It’s official: Worthstock is back.  Worthstock, a beloved Swarthmore tradition, happens during the last Sunday before the finals of the spring semester in which the College hosts a band or artist that plays live music in the Worth courtyard. Usually, food, bounce

Serenity Soular Wellness Event

Last Friday, Feb. 7, Serenity Soular hosted a wellness event in the Eldridge Commons at the Science Center. Students were treated to snacks and essential oils, got to make their own tea bags, and also took home some free succulents.  Serenity Soular,


OSE and SGO SEPTA Lottery in Transition

Opportunities for students to travel into Philadelphia cost-free are currently more limited than usual due to the absence of the SEPTA lottery. The future of the lottery is uncertain — its original funding source ran out and changes to the SEPTA system

College Should Expand SEPTA Access

Swarthmore claims to be a cash-free campus, but many students may find hidden costs behind the pretext of access. While Swarthmore’s proximity to Philadelphia is often a selling point for prospective students, many students are unable to make the expensive SEPTA train

Tea Time in Philly

Three weeks into the semester and perhaps you are already thinking of escape. Thankfully, Swarthmore is half an hour away from Philadelphia, one of the biggest cities in the northeast. From parks to restaurants, Philly has plenty of spaces for college students

After Philly Outbreak, Mumps Emerges at Swat

Two days after informing the campus community that a student had symptoms of mumps, Director of Health & Wellness Services Alice Holland confirmed that the student did in fact have the disease on April 19. “Mumps is a highly contagious viral illness

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