Brett McLarney

Brett McLarney
Lowell, Mass. / St. John’s

WHAT HE’S DONE: Scored the game-winning goal against Haverford in the third minute to clinch the Centennial Conference regular season title and home-field advantage through the conference tournament.

FAVORITE CAREER MOMENT: Pizza buffet after the Washington College game. Mmm. Delish.

GOALS FOR POSTSEASON: Well I have two main goals for the playoffs. The first is to approach both tournaments with modesty and realistic expectations. Hubris has often been a weakness of our team in the past, and we’d like to avoid that this year. Goal two is to win the national championship.

FAVORITE TRANSITION STATE: Chemically speaking? It’s E2. Concerted elimination: classic.

IF YOU DIDN’T PLAY SOCCER, WHAT SPORT WOULD YOU PLAY? Alpine ski racing. I raced slalom and GS up in Vermont until I was 17; I miss the adrenaline.

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