Natalia Choi ’15 for Financial Policy Representative

Hello fellow Swatties!

My name is Natalia Choi ’15 and I’d like to urge you to vote for me as the Financial Aid Policy Representative this year! I’m running for the position not because I’m an economics expert but because I’m a student truly concerned about equity and access.

I believe that the most important aspect of this position is to be the mediator between the administration and the student body in order to get the students’ voices heard in the college’s financial decisions. Transparency is the key to this process. And in my opinion, transparency is not just a matter of having the data reports posted somewhere where people may find if they’re really interested and able to decipher complex figures;I believe transparency is about having dialogues thatlead to abetter mutual understanding. I’m an eager learner,curious about our financial policies and priorities, andI will strive to decipher the jargon and numbers in order to make information about our school’s financial processes more accessible and understandable for all. And, with my experience with publicity as the Publicity Coordinator for the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility this current and past year, I know the way to keep you all posted so that you can be involved!

As a Financial Aid Policy Representative, I will hold forums to allow questions and concerns about our school’s financial policies to be brought up and answered. I would also like to explain clearly the process for requesting funding so that all students can take full advantage of the available resources. And most importantly, I will open venues for students to bring up any other issues they would like to see addressed.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions (nchoi1)!Thank you for your time!

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