Editors’ Note: Farewell

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

DG Editors Holiday Skype SessionAccording to rumors (the germ of many of our stories), at last weekend’s Parents Council Meeting President Chopp said that she wakes up each morning anxious about that day’s edition of The Daily Gazette.

If it makes you feel any better, President Chopp, we, as senior editors, wake up each day worried that you won’t let us graduate. This year we’ve continued and stepped up our investigative coverage of college policies, challenging the administration on issues ranging from party policies, to strategic planning, to the handling of recent hate speech incidents. We also covered the controversial decision to decrease professors’ course loads, and explored the ways in which increased course loads would impact students.

DG Editors Celebrate a BirthdayOf course, we’re proud of all of our content, from Uke the News to Senior Swatlight to Campus Mixtapes, where Swatties told us the best combination of Taylor Swift songs to start your day off right.

We’d like to personally apologize to professors for distracting students on November 14th, 2011, when the sorority issue came out and the campus community visited our website 5,000 times. We’d also like to congratulate ourselves on breaking the news about the college’s newly implemented hipster quota.

Assistant Opinions Editor and Editor EmeritusIt all began this summer, with a staff of four people, preparing stories and revamping the website in order to bring more editors and writers to the Gazette. We now have 40 editors, writers, and photographers, and we’re proud to have created a diverse, open group, where at staff and editorial meetings people feel free to express opinions on everything affecting the campus community.

DG Editors After Meeting Nick KristofWe would like to wholeheartedly thank the entire staff of the Gazette, all of whom have sacrificed precious hours writing, editing and photographing. Assuming President Chopp allows us to graduate, and the SCCS servers don’t explode from all the DG traffic, we’re confident that the Gazette will continue to be the awesome publication that it is today.

We’re excited to leave the paper in the hands of a very talented and dedicated editorial board: Monika Zaleska, Nick Gettino, Olivia Natan, Maxwell Nesterak, Andrew “Too Good To Be True” Karas, Lily Jamison-Cash, and Ellen Sanchez-Huerta.

Weekly Sunday Brunch Meeting in SharplesSee everyone at Pub Nite tonight! And at the party afterwards. 🙂

The Gazzeditors


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    Paul Cato says:

    I spend too much time reading the Gazette…I had to add it to my Mac’s SelfControl block list so I could get my Math 003 Homework Done (in fact it’s preventing me from finishing as we speak…)

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    Andrew "Too Good To Be True" Karas ( User Karma: 12 ) says:


    That was awesome! You can tell several hours were spent putting it together. The pictures were perfect. And I love my new nickname.

    Personally, I’m just looking forward to Pub Nite. I’ve never seen a bald person drunk before!

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    Miles Skorpen ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    Congrats, y’all. I’ve been really impressed to see the Gazette’s new direction, and I’m really happy to see it looking stronger than ever before. And I’m really glad we never went through with a campus newspaper merger (seriously considered way back when).

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    Max Nesterak ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I almost cried, but that may be because I haven’t slept in a long time because of working on the Gazette. You all have contributed so much, and I’m so grateful to have shared this year with you. I wish you didn’t have to leave! … now how do I get you all off the listserv?


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    Monika Zaleska ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    This semester (and year though I wasn’t there for all of it) was amazing! Thank you all for making The Gazette so wonderful and such a fun (virtual) place to work. You will be so missed.

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