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This weekend, I attended a groovy workshop in New Delhi that focused on what else but sex. Well, sexual health, but we all know why everyone (or at least why I) showed up.

There was one NGO based in the southern Indian state of Karnataka called Prakarti that specifically focused on spreading accurate information on sexuality and sexual health to Indian youth. Through their infant project known as “Links for Love”, they provided youth with extensive categories of internet HTML links with reliable information pertaining to different aspects of sexual health.

The motivation behind this project was to take advantage of use the preference of the internet search option for more taboo topics. Most youth had access to the internet but often found misleading, inaccurate, or incorrect information online. The genius behind their project was its efficiency and its ability to service a broad range of confused, unsure, and misguided youth.

I admired Prakarti’s work and, this week, I’ve been inspired to make a little links project of my own. I call it “Links Lovin’: healthy and sexy”:I hope that those links can help you link some of your problems, concerns, or just general curiosity to solid answers. But, typing those links up may seem like a 78 second loss of your life that you cannot spare due to surmounting piles of homework.

No worries — you can save yourself a whole 54 seconds by visiting the Phoenix website and exploiting the glorious copy/paste option that the online columns affords. Also, while you’re there, you can leave me a question. About what, you may ask? Anything sex-related. Any specific questions on the sexual health topics above, your gnarly penile mold, what to say to the boy who sits next to you in English, your cousin’s sister’s friend’s weird sexual obsession with spicy cheetos. Anything. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any questions and I’m starting to feel a little lonely here in India…

For those of you who prefer to seek information in the world that exists beyond a lit screen, do not fear! Unlike the youth in most areas of Karnataka, we Swarthmore students have great on campus resources for information on sexual health. Worth health center, ASAP, and the Sexual Health Counselors, amongst other resources, are a great place to seek non-judgmental and queer friendly sexual health advice and support.





Queer Health and LGBTQ health advocacy

Information on sexual assault

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