Super Bowl Predictions

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We e-mailed a bunch of your professors and coaches, asking them to predict the Super Bowl. Here are their guesses:

Michael Brown, Physics
PATRIOTS 24, Giants 21

Vera Brusentsev, Economics
PATRIOTS 28, Giants 7

President Rebecca Chopp
GIANTS 24, Patriots 20

Bruce Dorsey, History Chair
PATRIOTS 24, Giants 20

Carr Everbach, Engineering
PATRIOTS 27, Giants 21

Phil Everson, Statistics
“PATRIOTS 31, Giants 24. You reminded me I did want to compile the data to add to my big NFL database. I ran some basic regressions to get a prediction for NE vs. NYG on a neutral field. The best fit for NE’s score was between 29 and 33, and for NYG it was between 23 and 27 (of course, the prediction intervals are enormous!). Then I looked at the frequencies of individual point totals in NFL games and picked 31-24 as a likely score. We’ll see what actually happens.”

Stan Exeter, Baseball Head Coach
“GIANTS 34, Other Team 27. Go Big Blue.”

Ted Fernald, Lingiustics
PATRIOTS 34, Giants 31

Scott Gilbert, Biology
“I’m still recovering from the dreadful performance of the Packers, but I’ll go with the GIANTS: 24, Patriots 21.”

Steven Hopkins, Religion
“This is difficult, but the gut says, without thinking too much—does the gut ever think?—GIANTS, crazy squeaker, 26-24. Trails of star dust coming out from the untucked shirt of Eli Manning? But anything can happen.”

Brian Johnson, Russian
“Patriots by 6.”

Ellen Magenheim, Economics Chair
GIANTS 24, Patriots 21

Michael Marissen, Music Chair
GIANTS 28, Patriots 21

Matt Murphy, Political Science
“GIANTS 28, Patriots 23. Because let’s face it, some real giants could beat real patriots.”

Donna Jo Napoli, Linguistics Chair
“What’s the Super Bowl? Who’s playing? I say the one with the shorter name will win. I say the score will be 49 (since 7 × 7 is such a lucky number) to 42 (since close games are more fun). But I hope it’s a tie, because I love ties.”

Tia Newhall, Computer Science
“I could only give you a random guess…Packers by 10 points?”

Eric Song, English
“GIANTS win 24-21!”

Richard Valelly, Political Science
“PATRIOTS will win, but not by much”

Elizabeth Vallen, Biology
“2 concussions to 1 concussion. Not sure about the winner.”

Andrew Ward, Chair of Psychology
“Given that I grew up not all that far from Foxboro, MA and I have a nephew who has worked for the organization and their former coach once lived on the next street, I think I have go with the New England Patriots. I’ll say PATRIOTS 24, Giants 17.”

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