No Shave Novembeard Diary: The End

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

The riveting diary of a man on a mission.
Part V.

Day #29

Beard Law #15 - Never let your beard get rained on.

Day #30

As I looked into the bathroom mirror, my beard reminded me of how phenomenal the last 30 days of facial hair growing were. With beard trimmer and razor blade in hand, my 30 days of beard growth was gone in a matter of minutes. For those of you who are sad to see my beard go, do not fret — FACIAL HAIR ALWAYS GROWS BACK. A big thank you to my beard supporters at Swarthmore and beyond. Without your encouragement, my beard would not have thrived as much as it did.


  1. As I am very thankful and glad to see that you were strong enough to endure the month of No Shave November, I am slightly upset that you did not join your fellow participants at the communal Shave Off.

    • I totally would have gone to the Shave Off, but I have 8 AM chemistry lab on Thursdays and needed to get to bed early to avoid sleep deprivation (I was in bed by 10 PM on Wednesday night). I’m sad I disappointed you, but I hope you can understand my reasoning. On a funny note, my nickname freshman year was Grandpa Krainock because I went to bed so early every night.

  2. Haha, sad to see it go, Kyle. How do you feel now that you’re clean-shaven? Younger? Fresher? Colder around the jowls?

    • I am sad to see the beard go too, Andrew. My face seems much more exposed now and I miss the facial hair blanket that kept me warm on chilly Philly nights. As my roommate put it, my face “looks like it had a baby”. So yes, I guess I do appear younger, like a newborn.

    • No one has ever told me that, but I will take it as a compliment, especially since Neville had the skills to kill Voldemort’s snake and last Horcrux, Nagini, with the sword of Gryffindor!

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