Nadeen Hamza ’15 for Appointments Chair

Hello, my name is Nadeen Hamza and I want to represent you as the Appointments Chair in Swarthmore’s Student Council.

I’m a freshman international student from Egypt. I attended a German school all of my life and was Student Council President for 2 consecutive years and Chief Editor of my high school paper- two positions that improved my leadership and communication skills which I think are extremely important for this position.

Having grown up in such a multicultural environment and being in the States now has shown me how important diversity is and how its application in every aspect of student life can radically change things for the better. Since it is so important to me, the position of Appointments Chair seems the most appropriate to apply my experience and knowledge to further enhance diversity among the many student committees.

From the Dean’s Advisory Counsel to the Social Affairs Committee, students have ample opportunity to express their views and work with the administration to help improve the college. Therefore, I would like to be in that trustworthy position of helping select the students that would best voice the student body’s opinion and not simply their own.

For me and those who know me can confirm this as well, dedication is very important to me. As for those of you who don’t know me I hope you will give me the opportunity to show my dedication to this school and its students.

As a community from all different cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences, everyone at this school is looking for one main combined outcome: change and transparency. Being in the position of Appointments Chair would give me the chance to help us move towards that goal.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me (nhamza1)!

Nadeen Hamza ’15

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