Dorm Dive: Art & Athleticism

Cariad Chester and Brennan Klein

C. Sera Jeong/The Phoenix

Juniors Cariad Chester and Brennan Klein occupy this airy Alice Paul loft. Other students often ask Klein and Chester how they came about such a sought-after room as juniors in the housing lottery. According to Chester, “there’s a loophole in the housing system that allows a senior who went abroad for two semester to will the room to rising Juniors. It’s all part of the algorithm, ask Rachel Head about it.”

A. Sera Jeong/The Phoenix

A. For this room they were after a “zen” and a modern approach. Chester sums up the decór as “artsy-athletic-romantic,” as a reflection of Klein’s athleticism and Chester’s appreciation for the arts.

B. Some of Klein’s soccer paraphernalia include Soccer jerseys that are lined up on display along his bed, and ticket stubs from the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, which Klein attended last year.

C. On the opposite side of the wall hang an assortment of prints, including paintings of van Gogh. “Together, we’re pretty ‘now,'” Chester said.

The high ceilings, accentuated by the floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for light to fill both upper and lower levels, is one of their favorite aspects of the room. Yet they feel that one of the negative aspects of living here is the absence of an elevator in this bi-level room, “but that’s just us bragging about living in a loft,” joked Chester.

D. Alice Paul is the second newest dorm on campus and as the recipient of the American Institute of Architects 2010 Housing Award, the students feel that “structurally, it is very sound, it has really nice linoleum floors and the wall color is unbelievable.”

The duo loves taking advantage of the natural flood lighting while reading and finishing assignments.

D. Sera Jeong/The Phoenix
B. Sera Jeong/The Phoenix

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