Krissy and Georgie, Young Sharples Workers

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

Whether it is for attending special events like the Yule Ball or for pursuing more mundane activities such as eating their meals, the vast majority of Swatties inevitably find themselves frequenting Sharples quite regularly. But the dining hall also serves as a source of livelihood for those who are employed by the Dining Services, some of whom are students at other academic institutions themselves.

The Daily Gazette sat down with two non-Swat students who work at Sharples: Krissy, a senior at Ridley High School, and Georgie, a freshman at Delaware County Community College. They talked about their relationship with the dining hall and, of course, their opinions on the quality of the food served.

Daily Gazette: Why did you choose to work at Sharples?
Krissy: My mom works here too. When there was an open position 2 years ago, I got the job.
Georgie: My mom works here so she got me the job.

DG: What are your thoughts on the nature of your job? Do you enjoy it?
KR: I swipe people in and I don’t mind this job. I like this, I can do my homework, although (smiling) I hate Math.
GE: I work at the Salad Bar and I swipe people in too. I like it.

DG: Do you feel you are in the right position? Are your skills being utilized in the proper way?
KR: I am capable of doing anything. I am flexible.
GE: Yeah I’ve tried a little bit of everything. I have only not done the beverages and not been a cook.

DG: What is your interaction like with the college students?
KR: I like the diversity (sizing up the interviewer, a suspicious-looking 6 foot tall Indian male). You meet many different kinds of people. It’s quite entertaining really.
GE: Swarthmore College students are really nice. I have another job too but they are truly very nice here. They tend to talk to me.

DG: Do you consider yourself part of the larger Swarthmore College community?
KR: I am only familiar to the Dining Hall. I have only worked here. But still, yeah I guess.
GE: Kinda, I guess. It’s good to be part of it, the people are intelligent.

DG: Most importantly, what is your honest opinion on the food at Sharples?
KR: I like how it keeps on changing every day. It fills different people’s appetites and you have many options. The food is kind of the same as high school except they are more cultural over here: you have the Asian Bar including the Indian food today for example.
GE: It’s good I guess (bursting into giggles at the interviewer’s raised eyebrow). There’s a lot of food and I like some of it. We get free food in the breaks we are allowed.

DG: Finally, what is your favorite meal/food?
KR: I eat everything but I like the hash browns the best personally.
GE: Salad Bar.

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