Secretary, Tiffany Lee

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

Are you aware of what Student Council actually does? No? That’s ok, I don’t either. But I’m willing to learn, and what’s more, I’ll make sure you come along for the ride. As secretary, I will ensure that what goes on in those mysterious meetings is easily accessible to the rest of the world, or at least to those of you Swatties who might have the remotest interest. For those of you who do know what’s going on and have your own interesting, wacky, or otherwise unusual ideas, I will ensure your opinions are taken into account by the Student Council. After all, who can keep anything quiet around here, right? The key is to be heard by the right people in the position to take action, and as Student Council member, I will make sure that happens. –Tiffany Lee


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    Due Ho says:

    I agree with how sometimes people don't really know what their talking about, and its good to have people willing to learn. Although some may not be coming with the most knowledge, that doesn't make them unqualified for the job. A lot of people believed in a person that is already grounded at Swarthmore as the "qualified" one. Those type of people have a better first impression. But as a newcomer, one is forced to go out and learn because it is necessary in order to effectively carry out one's job. People who come in with their own ideas of reform may not be as beneficial because those people are more focused on their own ideas and don't represent the collective student body's ideas. After all, isn't Tiffany running to be part of "student council" not "represent myself council"? If one doesn't have ideas, one can ask for help and draw one's ideas from the student body. Now wouldn't that be ideal? To represent the entire student body? Some people may not be as charming, eloquent, and charismatic as others. Yet, I believe Tiffany Lee is very willing to work hard to represent students and fulfill the job of secretary. Here's some evidence that effort goes a long way.
    My vote goes to her.

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    Swattie Expat says:

    @ Andrew the Idiot Freshman

    My point was that you misunderstood my intentions entirely by saying I was "hating" when in actuality I think it's good that she didn't just spoonfeed everyone a load of crap like almost everyone else does. Student government is generally a resume-polishing circle jerk to begin with, but if she didn't put the usual spin on her platform then maybe she actually wants to run for better reasons than her resume. That's why I voted for her, and that's why you're an idiot.

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    Dr House says:

    I was being serious about soft serve ice cream before. Tiffany, I believe in you, and I know you can get us back our soft serve ice cream in Sharples. Seriously I'd rather see this happen than any other change to our college.

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    Andrew '12 says:

    @ Swattie Expat:

    I have seen some of your comments on other articles on this website before, and while they are all disrespectful (as you admit), you can't say "Oh well all my other comments are worse than this one so it's okay" as an excuse. And even if I hadn't known what kind of comments you are in the habit of leaving, do you honestly expect me to waste time finding out so I can "grow a frame of reference" and justify your apparent lack of sympathy?

    I didn't accuse you or anyone else of anything and would only like for us all to cut Tiffany some slack for being brave enough to even run.

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    Swattie Expat says:

    @ Andrew '12:

    This is the absolute only comment I have made on this website that was in no way hateful and you try to call me out for being an asshole. Grow a frame of reference (also known as testicles in some circles).

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    Chuck Norris says:

    Facts about Tiffany Lee everyone should know:

    1) Tiffany Lee's tears cure cancer. but no one can make her cry.

    2) Tiffany Lee counted to infinity- and back.

    3) When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Tiffany Lee.

    4) Tiffany Lee is the reason Waldo is hiding.

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    Andrew '12 says:

    What's with all the hating? Swattie Expat, perhaps you could be a little more constructive in your criticism and less "Oh hai I am witty and sarcastic!", especially toward a freshman who obviously has no prior experience and will readily admit this.

    And to "Swarthmore Body Building Club," "Cuddly Bear," and Peter, uh… if you were trying to be funny, you might want to try again.

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    Sven says:

    Oh Chris, you got gotten by someone who is abroad, and should supposedly be willfully out of touch with everything Swarthmorean. For shame Student Groups Advisor, for shame. Really Chris, who even uses their real name on these things? Seriously though, cheers to Tiffany and all the freshmen for stepping up to the plate (baseball reference), especially in what can be as such an intimidating place in beginning, particularly due to the vitriolic mess of words these platforms can draw from people. Make sure to vote as well as comment.

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    Chris Green says:

    Yep, I forgot that Stephan was a aophomore. Rachel bell submitted her platform after I posted my comment (or at least, I didn't see it until after I posted). but I admit you got me with Stephan.

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    Kate says:

    I think "Swattie's" comment was a bit harsh. Freshmen running in the fall haven't even seen typical stuco platforms unless they wait until upperclassmen submit theirs, which uhh didn't happen this time around. So come on, cut the poor girl some slack. Tiffany, I can't even remember who I voted for for secretary because I'm abroad and don't know any of the candidates, but I think your platform was perfectly acceptable given the circumstances and if you don't get it this time around maybe next time. And Chris, Rachel Bell is an upperclassman who's running 🙂

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    Swarthmore Body Building Club says:

    Tiffany Lee is an incredible individual. I remember when she was my weight lifting advisor. In that month, I saw progress in my bench press. I went from benching 4 pounds to my current 355 pounds. She taught me the squat too. Unlike the normal squat, Tiffany Lee's squat allows one to squat more than 10 times their weight, similar to an ant. She was like my Queen Ant.

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    Swattie Expat says:

    @ Chris:

    Your analysis ignores the fact that most of the juniors not abroad are entirely worthless individuals that will never succeed at anything in life. Rationally, we should probably be glad that those types aren't running for anything.

    Paid for by the IASE.

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    Swattie Expat says:

    The International Association of Swarthmorean Expatriates (IASE) endorses Tiffany Lee for the position of Secretary. Through her lines of content-free expression, Tiffany has shown us all that she possesses the dedication, willpower, and most of all experience needed to truly take this College in the right direction as Chief Notetaker. Tiffany Lee doesn't waste your time with meaningless dribble, Tiffany Lee is a woman of action. Tiffany Lee won't sleep while your College is in danger. Tiffany Lee won't stand idly by while your tuition is poached by the evildoers in the administration. Tiffany Lee is a woman of many actions and even less many-er words. Tiffany Lee: a fighter by the people, of the people, for the people, and of the people. And by the people. Tiffany Lee.

    Vote Tiffany Lee this Election Afternoon and Evening.

    This message has been approved by the International Association of Swarthmorean Expatriates (IASE).

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    Dr House says:

    Soft serve ice cream is and never will be an unrealistic dream, and the fact that we still don't have it is a crime.

    The sabotaging of our soft serve machine was an inside job.

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    Chris Green says:

    Additionally, both Adam and Tiffany deserve high commendations for even RUNNING — where are the entire sophomore and junior classes, that except for Nate, who is already on Council, none of them ran for a single council position?

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    Chris Green says:

    In the seven student elections I have seen, most often the ideas that candidates present when running for council are rarely realistic and even less often carried out. As a result, it's refreshing not to see unrealistic dreams (soft serve ice cream? Thanksgiving in the spring?) being presented.

    Of course, that being said, it would be nice to see a more substantial presentation. Tiffany, would you care to share a little more about your goals and motivations in running for council?

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    Miles Skorpen ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    This is your entire platform? Really? There is nothing in this brief paragraph that in any way convinces me your are competent or even eager to serve on StuCo. What's more, you don't give a single specific idea.

    I don't care too much … but right now, I'm hoping Adam beats you. StuCo needs better.

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