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Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

SBC’s weekly minutes can be found here.

Men’s Volleyball approached the Budget Committee to request an exemption from rules prohibiting the use of transportation funds for paying van drivers. The team had no driver available to transport the group to a tournament.

The ban against paying drivers exists because SBC wants to encourage all groups who require transportation to have van-certified members. The Committee upheld this rule, and the exemption was not granted.

The Squash Club, which had been inactive for two years with no members and no budget, requested $317.93 to purchase Squash rackets and balls for public use.

The Committee voted to grant the club full funding, however groups that do not send treasurers to Spring Budgeting are fined 50%. Later, in an emergency vote online (which requires unanimity on the part of the committee), the Squash Club was given $158.97, bringing their total group supplies budget up to their originally requested $317.93.

Returning from 9/21, the Outsiders Club again requested exemptions from the distance and no-break rules for their Adirondack trip over October break. This time, they presented more details on the trip and the Committee granted the exception.

The Swarthmore Labor Action Project [SLAP], a newly chartered group, brought their initial budget in for approval. SLAP requested $655.00 total, with $5 for photocopying, $40 for group supplies, $60 for campus events and $560 for travel. The Committee granted the group full funding for the first three categories.

For the travel component, the Committee offered $25.00 of funding per trip, instead of the $40.00 requested, approving $350 in funding. SLAP’s treasurer was encouraged to request more funding next semester if travel costs prove to be higher than expected.

SCCS requested to place an Xbox 360 game system under capital replacement. The Committee did not accept this request, as capital replacement should be used for long term goods, and gaming systems change at a fairly rapid rate. In a straw poll, however, the Committee was in favor of approving the purchase of a replacement Xbox if necessary.

Rattech proposed a change to how private pay and donation parties are charged for the use of SBC’s audio equipment and employees. Under existing rules, SBC would subsidize these events—the cost of setup were approximately $90.00 for non-Paces events and $40.00 for Paces events, groups were charged $65.00 for all events.

Discussion of the changes centered on whether or not SBC should subsidize pay-for-entry parties. The Committee, in a divided vote, decided to change the cost structure to:

Mobile systems at pay-for-entry events: $90.00
Mobile systems at donation events: $20.00

Paces system at pay-for-entry events: $40.00
Paces system at donation events: $20.00

Charges for Pub Nite: $0.00

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