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The following are the the platforms for the Appointments Chair position on Student Council.

My name is Andrew C. Brown, ’07, and I plan to run for appointments chair on a simple platform. I make no vague or grand promises of anything beyond my scope. If elected, I only plan to do my best to fulfill the duties of the position to the best of my ability. My desire would be to see that those appointed to the various committees be the most qualified, most serious, and most dedicated to ensuring that their work within the student government helps to benefit the Swarthmore community. I also understand the many voices of the Swarthmore student body; I would aim in the fulfillment of my duties to listen to the concerns and opinions of the students, faculty, and staff of the college, and not let my biases sway my actions. I would try to be an accessible member of the student government, and always be willing to listen to the thoughts of my fellow students.
If you find me to be an acceptable candidate for appointments chair, I hope to repay you by doing the greatest good I can for the community.
-Andrew Brown ’07,, x3434

Hello, my name is George Hang. For the past two years, I have served as a member of the Student Budget Committee (SBC). My experience on SBC has given me the required sense of responsibility and even-handedness necessary to be effective on Student Council. It has also allowed me to see the condition that appointments have been in for the last few semesters. Indeed, my interest in running for Appointments Chair arises out of the personal experience with the appointments process that I have gained as a member of SBC. I have learned that a good appointments process is extraordinarily important and can never be taken for granted. At times, this process has been less than desirable, but it is not too late to correct past problems. As Appointments Chair, I will ensure that committees are dealt with in a timely manner and filled with competent students who represent a broad range of campus interests. Student Council needs a fresh face to get appointments back on track and I believe that I have the experience and determination necessary to do the job well. Vote George Hang for Appointments Chair!

My name is Brandon Penix and I am running for Student Council Appointments Chair. If elected I plan to ensure that the appointments process is revamped so that appointments can be made ahead of schedule. This will ensure that people have adequate time to perform the duties to which they are appointed, and also that everyone is qualified to do the job. Over the past year there have been some significant improvements to the way in which CA’s have been hired, and I plan on continuing those improvements and expanding them into other areas as well.

Committees such as the Orientation Committee should be composed of a diverse group of individuals who each bring different qualities to the table, while complementing each other as well. This should also be the same on student council as well, and I feel that I bring a new outlook on Swarthmore. If you vote for me I will ensure that the process is not only performed in a timely fashion, but also that it is a fair one which is representative of the student body.

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