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This is not an op-ed or a traditional news article. This is a reflection, and right now, I am sitting on the floor of my room. Door locked. Phone away. Thinking. The biggest thing I am thinking about, the most important thing I am thinking about is how to be a human activist. How do… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Strictly good advice

  Strictly Good Advice,   When do I know if I have something worth writing or saying?   Thanks,   Christian.   Hello, Christian, and thanks for your question. I enjoyed this question because working toward an answer led me to internalize some personally important facts. Confidence in my justification for the quality of the… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Revved Up And Ready To Go (Home)

And just like that, the last break before summer has come and gone, leaving us with nothing but the oh-so-glorious remnants of March, April, and May. All throughout high school, this was always my least favorite time of the year. Daylight saving time allowing the days to be light out for longer only seemed to… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Spring Break To Do List

Spring is upon us. The weather may be unreliable and unpredictable, I may have watched a huge tree fall outside my window that overlooks Willets hill, but hey, at least spring break is upon us. I am placing great emphasis on the word “break” because sadly, most of us will not take advantage of it.… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Totally Legitimate, Real Tips for Spring Break

Spring Break, (n): A week designed for students to either get drunk in Fort Lauderdale or return home so that family members can judgmentally ask whether they got an actual, paid internship for the summer.   To my fellow Swatties who seek to escape that bleak binary, I would like to share some very real,… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

How to Spend Your Spring Break at Swarthmore

  Stuck spending your spring break at Swarthmore College when you could be tanning on Miami Beach? Don’t want to waste away in bed for a week and then feel completely worthless afterwards? Here’s a list of things you can do to ward off the Spring Break Blues.   Try to predict the Swarthmore weather… Keep Reading

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