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Does Love Exist At Swarthmore College?

  No!!!!!!!!!   * * * Okay, so it might be a bit more complicated than a “no” and nine exclamation points (maybe ten would’ve done the job?). But two months and some change at Swarthmore and it’s easy to get the feeling that it’s a desolate wasteland where the concept of a “crush” fits… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

In Case You Missed it: Ta-Nehisi Coates came to UPenn

On Nov. 1, the University of Pennsylvania’s Irvine Auditorium hosted writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and hundreds of audience members who, at one point or another, have found themselves lost in his work. Myself and many other Swarthmore community members were included in this bunch, making the trek to Penn to catch Coates on this stop of… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Party Shoes

“They’re like an extension of me when I was trying to find myself and explore and have fun and live my life.” That’s what Arka Rao ’18, says when asked to speak on his party shoes, a pair of white Vans with blue soles. To be clear, party shoes are those usually ratty, beat-up sneakers… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Old Micozzie Had a Barn

‘Ee eye ee eye oh’ and in that Barn he had some Swatties. To any uninitiated freshmen: on the grueling walk back from Target, as you haul along a stolen cart that will soon be lost forever in the bowels of the Crum, you may stumble upon a massive brown(ish) building.  It may look like… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Lucretia Mott: far more than a founder

  Recently, the conference room Parrish E 254 was renamed the Lucretia Mott room. I’ve written about Mott before — she was one of the founders of the college, as well as a well-respected abolitionist, women’s rights activist, and Quaker minister. However, I’d like to take this week to really get a picture of Lucretia… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Strictly Good Advice

Strictly Good Advice,   What are some tips to keep life exciting?   Bertram   Hello, Bertram, and thanks for the question. Before we proceed with the advice, I will remind our readers everywhere that Strictly Good Advice is, legally and ethically, an entertainment column. Whatever practical wisdom results from its consumption is a product/responsibility… Keep Reading

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The Quest to be Costumed

As a child, during the heady, early stages of Halloween costume planning, when I was constrained only by my imagination and the fine motor skills necessary to render its products in Magic Marker, I was always attracted by the idea of becoming an inanimate object. I think it was the promise of complete transformation that… Keep Reading

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