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Board, President Smith commit to sanctuary campus

The commitment from the college’s Board of Managers and President Valerie Smith to make Swarthmore a sanctuary campus is moving forward through the effort of the Sanctuary Campus Working Group. To some community members, this action is an important step to protecting fellow students, but others see the announcement as self-defeating. On Dec. 2, in… Keep Reading


The insecurity of a dark campus

As days grow shorter and night time fills more of the days, I notice how underlit campus is. Walking between dorms and libraries, I often find myself speeding to the next street lamp without much light to accompany me. Even at the end of my first semester at Swarthmore, I recognize there is a discomfort… Keep Reading


Voting registration causes difficulties, calls to action

Many Swarthmore students have reported problems with registering to vote in Delaware County before and after this year’s election on Nov. 8th. Some reported a lack of notice from the County Board of Elections that they had not properly registered. Student organizations Swatties for Hillary, College Democrats, and NextGen Climate organized efforts to register voters… Keep Reading


Professional screenwriter leads masterclass

On Monday, Oct. 31, students gathered in Science Center to meet with Lee Sternthal, the former bouncer and the accomplished screenwriter from “The Words” and Disney’s “Tron: Legacy.” The seminar was sponsored by the film and media studies department, and was advertised with many of Sternthal’s credentials, including working at the Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab, The… Keep Reading


On the election and how we follow

McCabe sounds as it usually does just around midnight. Conversations bounce around—something about the Wi-Fi, essay due dates—but the only thing that I can think of is the New York Times’s gauge of the who will win the presidency. States are still reporting, and the electoral college is to come. That ticker slowly moves redder,… Keep Reading


The utility of endorsements

Thank goodness Nov. 8th is just under two weeks out. As much as campaign season gets us all hot and bothered in one way or another, a year and a half is an exhausting amount of time to focus on one race. Since its beginnings in April 2015, the campaign has been characterized by buzzing… Keep Reading


Cherish our campus and climate

I have stopped appreciating how beautiful our campus is. Walking through the Amphitheater to admire the trees each day, only to rush onto Kohlberg or Trotter; leaving Sharples to admire the vibrantly quilted sky after dinner; and sitting under trees off of Magill Walk to shade myself on sunny days have given me an immense… Keep Reading


Care for one another

We hear this maxim as we first step on campus. We follow it, or we are expected to, throughout our years. Yes, it is stale to hear. Yes, it is tiring to repeat. Yes, it is easy not to do.  “Care for one another.” I grew up just north of the Capitol in DC at… Keep Reading

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