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Revisiting Phillies’ season predictions after one month

Almost one month into the M.L.B. regular season, which started on March 29 of this year — the earliest Opening Day in league history — and the Philadelphia Phillies have played 21 games. As with every year and every team, baseball analysts and fans alike made predictions in the winter and early spring about the… Keep Reading


Exploring the history of track and field

I was recently asked to weigh in on a debate among my fellow Willets residents about the validity of assigning the term “sport” to track and field competitions. Most were in favor, though there were still a few dissenters. Track and Field athletics not only deserves the classification of “sport” — but it arguably invented… Keep Reading


To dope, or not to dope?

To dope, or not to dope; that is the question. In the professional sports world, the controversy of whether or not steroids and performance enhancing drugs should be permitted has always been a hot-button issue, recently coming back into public discourse after the news hit that Russia and some Russian athletes were banned from the… Keep Reading


The hay is in the barn

With winter season sports beginning their seasons in the upcoming weeks, a few fall sports have had the opportunity to continue their season at NCAA regionals following success in the Centennial Conference championships. While the women’s volleyball team and the women’s soccer team have received much of the attention for their stellar performances at conference… Keep Reading


Athletes Send Prayers for Vegas

Though a few calls for political action have been sprinkled throughout the array of tweets, Facebook posts, and statements about the tragic shooting that occurred in Las Vegas recently, the responses have overwhelmingly just been voicings of solidarity, sadness, and support. Countless celebrities have spoken out and expressed their cares and prayers for the victims… Keep Reading


An Athlete’s Perspective on Athletic Attendance

It’s doubtful that a Big Ten-esque, tailgate Saturday, type of environment was a top priority in the college decision making process for most Swatties. None of us opened our Swarthmore acceptance letter and immediately had visions of being in a crowd of students, decked out in Garnet gear, cheering wildly on the sidelines of some… Keep Reading

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