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Giorgia Piantanida

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Winter Formal Done Right

The start of spring semester means many things – friend reunions, classes, stress, and of course, Winter Formal. Although perhaps one of the lesser known traditions of which Swarthmore prides itself, Winter Formal is just one of those ‘Yes, we’re still a college in America and we do kind of normal stuff sometimes’ things. If… Keep Reading


The Famous Sophomore Slump

Ah yes, the dreaded and much talked-about Sophomore Slump. Well, folks, I’m here to tell you it’s as real a thing as you and me, and it’s affected almost every sophomore I’ve talked to right here on our beloved campus. I did not believe in this terrible syndrome until this semester, though everyone warned me… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Party Shoes

“They’re like an extension of me when I was trying to find myself and explore and have fun and live my life.” That’s what Arka Rao ’18, says when asked to speak on his party shoes, a pair of white Vans with blue soles. To be clear, party shoes are those usually ratty, beat-up sneakers… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Your semester horoscope

Hello again my dear Swatties! I trust that everyone had a good summer, but as all good things must end, here we are again, somewhat ready but hopefully excited to face yet another year of ‘Oh God, why did I enroll here and why do I have so much work.’ And as a special treat… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Spring at Swarthmore

Spring is the beginning of everything. A time when we can brush off the dust from the mistakes and regrets we kept hidden all winter, and step outside and find a refreshing new take on our lives. Even here at Swarthmore, the little college bubble we all (for the most part) happily reside in, spring… Keep Reading

Around Campus/Campus Journal

What you love to hate about Swarthmore

How better to start an article about hating things than by explaining how much Swatties love to complain? If we simply look at the classic, “Anywhere else, it would’ve been an A,” phrase, a sense of gripe seems to envelope the student population, as though letting out complaints will make their pain a little more… Keep Reading

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