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Low SGO attendance bars vote, special election to go on

Swarthmore’s Student Government Organization announced Sunday that it will hold a special election following the resignation of a co-president, at-large senator, and the chair of student life last week. The group debated passing an amendment to keep the election within the group but scrapped it after there were not enough senators present to hold a… Keep Reading


SGO sees resignations, calls for change

UPDATE: The previous SGO Constitution can be accessed at http://wayback.archive-it.org/230/20120413210441/http://swarthmorestuco.tumblr.com/ Co-president Josie Hung ’19, Chair of Student Life Ivan Lomeli ’19 and Senator Christian Galo ’20 resigned from Swarthmore’s Student Government Organization last week as the group debated improvements on its structure, communication, and efficiency. The body will hold elections for these open positions after winter… Keep Reading


Anti-pipeline candidates elected with help from Sunrise

Sunrise lead a successful effort to elect opponents of the Mariner East II pipeline, currently under construction, to township boards in Chester County. Four officials who won last Tuesday’s municipal elections promise they will enforce local ordinances designed to protect community members from the dangers of a high-pressure natural gas pipeline. The pipeline connects the… Keep Reading


Stephen Walt: Foreign policy-wise, Trump is much of the same

Phi Beta Kappa lecturer and foreign policy expert Stephen Walt offered harsh criticism of the American foreign policy establishment last Thursday, Oct. 26. In his talk, titled “Where is U.S. Foreign Policy Headed?” Walt argued that foreign policy under president Trump is still commandeered by the pre-existing bipartisan foreign policy establishment; the administration now pursues… Keep Reading


Public Safety, borough police clarify relationship

Students frequently spot police officers on campus, with headlights fixed on the pathways students use to return from parties. Yet, Public Safety employs more personnel than the Swarthmore Borough Police Department; Director of Public Safety Michael Hill has twenty five staff members versus the police department’s eight. According to Hill, the borough police and the… Keep Reading


BRIEF: Delays in payroll cause student dissatisfaction

Delays in the payroll process this past week left many students without their paychecks. Students who have worked since the beginning of the semester must now submit their timesheets late. The lack of spending money during the first part of the year puts a burden on students adjusting to college life, leaving them with no… Keep Reading

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