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Thanksgiving Week Crossword

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1. Closeby
5. Video-chat
9. Sicilian volcano
10. Protagonist
11. Disposable handkerchief, in the singular
13. __ Bean, clothing brand
15. Thanksgiving dessert
17. Pirate affirmative
18. Military vehicle
19. “Saddle” between two mountains
21. Thanksgiving dish of light and dark
24. Now that you’ve solved this one, all the chemistry clues argon
25. Pimples
26. Greenpeace is one
28. Break
32. Paddle
33. Railway
34. Albany, from Philadelphia
35. I see the glass as halfway to this

1. For tides, highest of the low and lowest of the high
2. ___, Brute?
3. What comes alive in the dark of the night, according to Ke$ha
4. Guttural
5. Feng ___
6. Eager
7. Annum
8. Law enforcement
12. Draw with pencil
14. Implement, as a tax
16. Pad Thai ___
19. Clergyman
20. A kidney is one
22. Come together
23. Give back weapons
27. Salem state
29. Beat one’s foot
30. Alternate abbreviation for UConn?
31. Ether

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