Zoom vs. Neurodivergency

According to dictionary.com, ‘neurodivergent’ is defined as “relating to or showing atypical neurological behavior and development.” This sounds a little stiff, and most people’s immediate impressions may be of the stereotypical autistic-coded person in any number of TV shows and movies. The


No, We Are Not Okay: It is Time We Pop the Bubble

We students talk a lot about the Swarthmore “bubble” — that invisible structure that keeps us isolated from the outside world in our ivory tower of academia. Yes, we sometimes venture into Philly and Chester and the surrounding community, but by and large,


The High Price of Remote Learning

March marked one year of the pandemic. One year of “unprecedented times” and emails “hoping to find you well.” Unfortunately, not everyone has been well this year.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Eighty percent of students around the

What Type of Zoomer Are You?

Over the course of our time in school, we all inevitably find ourselves falling into certain roles, as if we were doomed (or destined) to play an integral part in the complex machinery of the college classroom. You know these roles, even


Faculty Members Unsure About Zoom Privacy Issues

Aside from making national headlines for being the main online application that colleges are turning towards during the COVID-19 outbreak, Zoom has received much media attention for its privacy and security issues. As was reported by multiple major news outlets, one of