TCGM Opens with New Show

The exhibitions I have previously covered were engaging and groundbreaking in their own ways, but nonetheless took place in older institutions that operate within the limits of established art-viewing practices. This week, I got to experience something truly radical and revolutionary when

Rashid joins PA Campus Leaders in Denouncing Trump Comments

Content warning: sexual assault On Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 12:00 PM, a group of campus leaders from various colleges and universities across Pennsylvania denounced Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s degrading and offensive comments about women on a joint press call. Jasmine Rashid

WOCKA returns to empower women of color

When you see the word WOCKA, you might think of Shakira or former 2016 presidential candidate Mr. Flocka Flame. Here at Swarthmore, the acronym takes on a different meaning. WOCKA (pronounced with an o as in boat), or Women Of Color Kick