General Election 2022: What are the Stakes?

Although the Pennsylvania general election does not take place until Nov. 8, committed Swarthmore students and on-campus organizations such as Swarthmore Democrats and the non-partisan voting group SwatVotes, have begun mobilizing their efforts towards voter registration and increasing voter turnout. According to


Swarthmore Community Pushes to Get Out the vote

Despite Swarthmore’s widely-held reputation as a college committed to democratic engagement, more than half of Swarthmore students did not exercise their civic right to vote in the 2016 and 2018 elections. Seeking to rectify this shortcoming and placing a high value on

Please Vote

In America, we disagree about many, many things these days. We disagree about how to address racial justice, about whether climate change exists, about whether or not to wear masks. We even disagree about whether or not a hot dog is a

Ending 150 Years of Republican Rule in Delaware County

Bringing an end to 150 years of uninterrupted Republican political control, the Democrats of Delaware County made history in this week’s elections by winning control of the Delaware County Council. The Democrats now occupy all five seats on the County Council. Delaware

Remaking American Democracy

Is the way that we currently elect representatives just? In this piece, I will argue that it is not, and advance certain solutions. Currently, we live in a representative democracy, where we come together to vote on particular candidates every couple of

Editorial: Swarthmore’s Day Off

Swarthmore has long prided itself on the diversity of backgrounds and experiences amongst its students, faculty, and staff. The people who make Swarthmore what it is today all have unique needs and life experiences. Despite these espoused values, Swarthmore does not give