Low Cost Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

When you are a college student operating on a relatively thin budget, Valentine’s Day can be a huge pain.  From flowers to jewelry, from overpriced chocolates to candle-lit dinners, one 24 hour period is enough to clean out your bank account for

Screw your roommate from the sidelines

  If Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love and affection, then Screw Your Roommate — a celebration of the awkward, the flirtatious, the unknown, the sexually tense — is an apt precursor. Most relationships, particularly at Swarthmore, are necessarily preceded by

Quaker Matchbox Kids

Perhaps one of the more frightening aspects of the infamous Swat marriage is its potential to move off-campus. A rumored one in six graduates wind up tying the knot with other alumni from the college. While students invariably nurture their own opinions