Students Look Towards the Summer for Research Opportunities

As COVID-19 cases continue to drop and vaccination rates continue to rise across the country, many Swarthmore students look forward to what experiences the summer will bring. For some students, their plans this summer revolve around on- and off- campus research through


COVID-19 Planning Group Announces New Outdoor Masking Policy

The increasing number of students receiving COVID-19 vaccines, coupled with the CDC’s easing of mask-wearing restrictions outdoors, raises new questions about campus COVID policies surrounding mask-wearing. In light of these updates, the College’s COVID-19 Planning Group announced new masking and visitor policies



On April 16, 2021, The Phoenix published an op-ed titled, “Vaccinate Every Swattie. No Exceptions.” The piece, which argues for every Swarthmore student to be vaccinated, focuses somewhat on ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities of New York which have famously suffered high COVID-19 infection

Everyone Should Get Vaccinated

Anti-vaxxers seem to have recently risen from the ashes of misinformation campaigns, and their voices are seemingly louder now than ever before. They refuse to vaccinate their children and are often regarded as evil, uneducated individuals who could not possibly want the