Screw Your Roommate: A Tradition in Transition 

On Saturday, Oct. 28, Magill Walk was filled with princesses and princes, Barbies and Kens, and angels and devils wandering around searching for their other halves. Costumed pairs began filling up tables at Dining and Community Commons (DCC), signaling the start of

Crumb Cafe Opens for the First Time Since Spring 2020

The Crumb Cafe has been a popular late-night food stop for students over the past few years but went dormant after COVID-19 shut down Swarthmore in the Spring of 2020. This Fall, Crumb opened its doors once again. Beginning with a soft


Fall Screw: Making a New Swarthmore Tradition

On Saturday, Oct. 23, kings and queens, pirates, frogs, the sun and moon, Daphne and Fred, and many other creatures and characters all dined in Sharples on blind dates. The much beloved Screw Your Roommate tradition was back in action, but this


The Class of 2024’s “Second Collection”

As the only class to begin their college career fully remotely, the Class of 2024 attended every part of their first-year orientation, including First Collection, virtually. First Collection, a Swarthmore tradition held in the Scott Amphitheater, usually consists of speeches from the

In memoriam: where has all the Crunk gone?

As many nostalgic seniors reminisce about the good ol’ days when Pub Nite was a necessity and the DJ fund was limitless, one tradition that seems to fade into the background is possibly the craziest tradition of them all. A tradition that