Nature’s Murmur

Timescale Chauvinism is the idea that people exhibit bias in favor of their normal pace of existence. Daniel Dennett, in his book “Kinds of Minds”, proposes this concept to explain that people tend to disregard intelligence at a slower speed. Take a


Garrett Bradley talks ‘TIME’

On Monday, February 22, the Bryn Mawr Film Institute began its Strange Truth 2021 documentary series with a showing of Garrett Bradley’s award-winning film, “TIME” (2020). A talk with the director, Bradley, and moderator, Swarthmore Professor Nina Johnson of the sociology department,

Spring at Swarthmore

Spring is the beginning of everything. A time when we can brush off the dust from the mistakes and regrets we kept hidden all winter, and step outside and find a refreshing new take on our lives. Even here at Swarthmore, the