The joy of letting things go

I am easily stressed. I always feel the need to accomplish something even though I do not have to. Whenever I see people cranking out essays furiously in McCabe or complaining (read: humblebragging) about how sleep-deprived they are, I psych myself out,

SwatDeck connects community via Philly

  Most people would consider Swarthmore to be a small school, with a student body of only 1,500 students. While this small population makes it harder to avoid the people you have awkward relationships with, it can still be hard to meet


SwatDeck program gets underway, with more to come

SwatDeck, one of two recipients of a $10,000 Community Development Grant (CDG), debuted this week with successful involvement by students. The CDGs are a part of the Community Development Fund, a $150,000 fund established by the President’s office in October to be