Fear of the Future

The future. A word that can bring about vast amounts of excitement, or create crippling waves of fear and discomfort for many individuals. Since we, unfortunately, do not have accurate methods for predicting what the future will bring, the emotions we tie

Fold On Misery Poker

If someone had asked me, prior to my arrival at Swarthmore, what the worst game to play with friends was, I would’ve responded with Monopoly. After all, the number of relationships it has destroyed must be immense. But then I got to

Traveling is Not a Luxury

Throughout the last century or so, travel has not only become a much more affordable commodity, but has been picked up by the likes of Instagram influencers as a full-time job. With it’s ever increasing availability, it is no longer the stuff

It’s Too Late for Positivity

The World Wildlife Fund just published a new report on climate change, and they essentially said that if by 2020 we, as a global community, don’t make drastic commitments to limiting fossil fuel emissions, we could be living in a drastically different

Technology and Loneliness

We live in 2018, a time in which the whole world is interconnected through complicated systems of social media. Companies like Facebook give us the opportunity to be constantly connected to our loved ones, no matter where in the world we are,

You Can Leave Swat, but Swat Won’t Leave You

Last semester, my sophomore spring, I kind of messed up. Among drowning in my personal pit of sorrows, mental illness and body dysmorphia, I built huge barriers between all of my Swat friends and me. I convinced myself that going abroad would

I Miss the Routine

Personally, I tend to be a huge fan of near-constant routine. That is, I mostly enjoy being able to wake up and know exactly what I have to do that day, mostly because I’ve done it a million times before. At the