When Good is Good Enough

My dad is infamous in my family for his terrible shopping advice. If you hold up two shirts and ask him to help you decide which one to buy, he’ll say, “Well, if you like them both equally, then it doesn’t matter

It Is Time to Take Action for Workers’ Rights

Do you remember why you applied to Swarthmore? In the 2022-2023 U.S. News rankings, Swarthmore was ranked as the #4 liberal arts college in the country. The class sizes are generally small, which allows professors and students to connect more meaningfully. The

Students Reflect, Share Advice on Study Abroad Experience

With 250 programs in 60 different countries, Swarthmore’s off-campus study program is incredibly diverse, offering students a wide array of opportunities to immerse themselves in an entirely new environment. To gain insight into this process, the Phoenix attended an off-campus study general

The Crum and I

March 8, 2023 At 6:00 p.m., the sun hangs low, painting the skyline with multiple shades of reddish-orange. I have just left Essie’s, but instead of walking back to my dorm as I always do after a meal, I’m staring dumbfounded into

An Invitation to Breathe

“I invite you all to breathe.” So,  I breathed in . I breathed out . It felt as if I have never truly breathed before. Last Thursday, my Ecofeminism(s) class was honored to invite environmental activists Zulene Mayfield and .O Payne as

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