Garnet Look to Cage Bluejays After Disappointing Loss

With referees seemingly partial to the opposing team and a rowdy crowd influencing calls, Swarthmore women’s soccer lost for the first time in their 2018 season. The Garnet were missing one of their starting defenders due to injury, captain Caroline Coats ՚19,

Life as an International Student-Athlete

Swarthmore boasts a diverse student body, full of students with all sorts of talents, interests, and backgrounds. Although only 1640 undergraduates are enrolled at Swarthmore, 53 countries are represented at the college. Along with the distinct student population of Swarthmore comes a

Athlete of the Week: Sarah Girard ’19

Volleyball is off to one of its best starts in program history. After beginning the season ranked #21 in the nation, the team fired off seven straight wins before finally falling to Stevens Institute of Technology this past Saturday. Volleyball’s 7-0 start

Men’s Soccer Kicks off New Season

Cold morning practices and grueling gym sessions defined many Swarthmore men’s soccer players’ spring semester in 2018. As unappetizing as it sounds, these workouts were not mandatory or organized by the coaches. Every session was designed and run by players, as NCAA

Women’s Soccer Dominates Early Competition

In the last half decade, Swarthmore athletics has seen a renaissance of sorts, with four team sports competing in the NCAA tournament last year, three of them reaching the Elite Eight, and three other sports sending athletes to NCAA individual championships. One

Volleyball Serves Up Early Victories

Swarthmore students cannot remember a time that Swarthmore’s volleyball team did not have a winning record, both in and out of conference. For the last three falls, the student body can count on Volleyball to dominate their competition and provide exciting matches.

Swat Athletics puts together another strong year

If it wasn’t obvious already, many of the varsity teams on campus played exceptionally well across the board, making for an overall strong year for athletics. The athletics program as a whole seems to have improved dramatically over the last two to

3 days, 146,845 dollars richer

$146,845 from 1,829 donors will soon be flowing into Swarthmore’s athletic program after the successful “Garnet Challenge.” From the 2nd to the 5th of April this year, Swarthmore hosted a donation campaign aimed at raising interest and money in the school’s athletic

1/5 of varsity athletes sign letter in support of O4S

On March 26, Voices published Swarthmore Athletes’ Statement of Solidarity with Organizing for Survivors (O4S). 112 out of 550 student athletes signed the statement from a variety of different varsity teams on campus, which came out to about ⅕ of varsity student-athletes