Senior Thesis Exhibitions Electrify List Gallery

When I interviewed him about his thesis, studio art major Tiye Pulley ’19 told me that he loves religious paintings with their angelic and demonic figures, but that he wanted to “paint them like my own disturbed and bloodied angels.” Stepping into

Artist Spotlight: Sculptor Lisa Patusky

When you walk past the List Gallery these days, you might be drawn to the muscularly shaped, flowing sculptures inside. These sculptures are part of the senior thesis of Lisa Patusky ’14, a senior from Ohio who is majoring in studio art

Archeology student digs at artistic roots

Ironically, Carolyn Corbin ’15 doesn’t identify herself as an artist. For Corbin, art is a craft: an expression of her desire to communicate ideas and feelings without words. As a studio arts and archaeology double major, she says that art inspires her