The Dash Gets a Makeover

As most Swarthmore students know by now, the Swarthmore Dash got a makeover and was officially rolled out at the start of the Spring 2022 semester. A team including members of the Swarthmore Communications office and ITS created the new version with


Campus Braces For Omicron Variant Surge

As cases of COVID-19 in Delaware county reach extreme highs, students travel back to campus to begin yet another atypical spring semester. President Valerie Smith announced in her Jan. 7 email that the college anticipates high COVID-19 positivity rates — unlike any

With Activities, Quality over Quantity

When we were in high school, college admissions officers taught us that we needed to be as involved as possible. We needed the hardest classes, the best grades, and the most leadership positions. This mindset not only put an inordinate amount of