Campaigning at Swarthmore

As a former member of both the Student Budgeting Committee (SBC) and the Student Government Organization (SGO), I’ve now run three campaigns for office here at Swarthmore. I have tabled each and every time. The very first time I campaigned, one of

SGO Discusses Proposal to Dissolve SGO, SBC 

Disclaimer: The events recapped in this article detail only what was discussed in this public meeting and may not represent internal or evolving discussions on the matter. On March 22, the Student Government Organization (SGO) met to discuss a proposal to dissolve

President Val Smith Welcomes Campus Input on New Strategic Plan

On Oct. 27, President Valerie Smith requested campus community feedback on the college’s current draft of its new strategic plan: Sustainable Swarthmore. Smith acknowledged that while the college has been developing the plan over the past eighteen months, Sustainable Swarthmore is still


SGO Prepares for Another Virtual Semester

On February 9, SGO elected four new members for the 2021 Spring semester. The new SGO members include Sara Asgari ’23 and Huiying Xiao ’23, who will serve as senators for the class of 2023, as well as Fiona Stewart ’24 for


SGO Launches New Website

On Feb. 11, Student Government Organization President Kat Capossela ’21 sent an email to the student body announcing SGO’s new website.  SGO worked with Swarthmore College Computer Society to host the website on the SCCS server. The website explains the mission and

After Delay, SGO Holds Executive Board Elections

SGO Executive Board elections, originally scheduled to begin on April 9, were delayed to April 11. On Tuesday April 9, Student Outreach Chair Ash Shukla ’22 sent an email to the student body informing that the scheduled SGO Town Hall would be

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