How Student Athletes are Staying In Touch Remotely

Amid the ongoing pandemic and the return of only a fraction of students to campus, Swarthmore athletics remains disrupted. The student athlete “experience” has been gutted and virtualized to a mere shell of its former magnitude. This semester, many student athletes are


Another Athlete in Econ

One of the most popular majors at Swarthmore is economics. In every economics class, there is a clump, or multiple clumps, of students who are immediately recognizable as athletes due to the sheer number that become econ majors. Needless to say, I

Inside a culture of flexibility for student-athletes

Every several weeks, it seems, another student-athlete scandal rocks a prestigious university. Most recently, five Notre Dame football players have been suspended from the team amid cheating allegations. This news broke just after the furor subsided from former University of North Carolina-Chapel