Updated Clery data sheds light on crime trends

According to the 2017 Annual Fire Safety and Security Report, last year resulted in the highest reported Violence Against Women Act offences since 2012, 19, and the first act of arson since 2012. Oppositely, larceny is the lowest since 2012, 36, as


Statistics department introduces new courses

This year the Department of Mathematics and Statistics rolled out a new statistics curriculum which created two new applied statistics courses and incorporated teaching the R programming language into Stat 11. Student reactions to this new curriculum have been mixed, with some

Scorecard presents misleading financial data

On September 12, the U.S. Department of Education released its new College Scorecard, a website that President Obama introduced as a way for students and families to compare how much alumni of different schools earn, their levels of debt, and how easily

College admits 12 percent of applicants

Twelve percent of applicants were offered admission to Swarthmore College’s Class of 2019. The college announced earlier this week that that it had accepted 950 of 7,817 applicants. These numbers indicate a 5-percent decrease in admission rate from last year’s admissions cycle,