Editorial: Bring Back the Olde (and Better!) Party Spaces

It seems that the campus late-night scene is gradually recovering from its pandemic-induced hibernation as more and more people host parties as the semester goes on. With AREs resuming, the mask mandate reduced, and the in-person attendance cap discontinued, most of the

No more blank space

Last week, with the start of classes, I was feeling particularly ambitious and ready to get involved on campus once more. With freshman year behind me, I felt (and still feel) as if I knew a little more about how Swarthmore works.

Baenziger exhibit sculpts gallery as canvas

Nature is a common subject of art. It is romanticized, rationalized, and splattered into impressionistic dots. Although there are a variety of ways to artistically interpret natural beauty, few ways are as inventive as the approach taken by Markus Baenziger in his